Issues & Priorities

Term Limits

Term limits is one of the most important issues that needs renovation. Congress is slow to make progress because of professional politicians in control of Congress and the Senate.

Members spend their entire lives in politics, becoming rich while in office or after because of their influence. Term limits could put an end to this and give other citizens the opportunity to bring new ideas to both Houses. My stance on term limits is this: Congress should be limited to six two-year terms, and the Senate should be limited to two six-year terms. Twelve years in either House should be a substantial amount of time for a politician to make progress. It is of utmost importance that we have new ideas, and to stop gridlock. Ideally, I would like to see Congressional terms extended to four years.

Unfortunately, two-year terms keep politicians campaigning non-stop to stay in office. Four-year terms should be enough time to accomplish goals and break up the continuous campaigning. Other political positions— the president, governors, mayors—have term limits, so Congress and the Senate should as well. Term limits should also be placed on the Supreme Court. There should be no lifetime appointments. We need people to serve elected and re-elected, I commit to only being a Congressman for twelve years. Unlike other politicians, I will practice what I preach.


It’s hard to believe that, in the 21 st century, we are still debating killing children. We are making excuses as to why we can’t prevent pregnancies, and instead of killing children out
of convenience. We have pregnancy prevention that comes in many forms, and now the safety net of the “day-after pill.”

We need better sex education programs and assistance on making the right decisions regarding sex and pregnancy. Having an abortion is a traumatic experience. We need to help do what we can before the pregnancy, thus eliminating the need for abortion. There are various birth control options, even options that last five years; we need to have these options for male birth control as well.


My stance on budget is to cut the budget and push a balance budget amendment. Recent budget cuts only cut projected spending or cut increases; however, I believe we need to cut the budget and live within our means.

As a businessman for forty years, I’m knowledgeable on how to manage a budget. We need to seek out areas in our budget that we can cut and make hard decisions.

As a country, we waste trillions of dollars in fraud, waste, and abuse in all our welfare programs and Medicare. Logically speaking, our money is better spent on enforcement, which in turn can eliminate fraud and save us trillions of dollars.

Also, we need to discuss all options to save Medicare and Social Security. This topic is often avoided, that is why we need strong leaders that aren’t afraid to tackle tough issues.


My stance on immigration is that we need to build a wall, but with entry ports. We need labor, and immigrants provide labor. It’s not about cost because they make good money in the United States and send it back home. We need labor that will do the jobs Americans don’t or won’t do, such as pick fruits and vegetables.

We can streamline the process and keep record of every immigrant in the United States by using verification processes like Clear and TSA Pre. Every immigrant must pass a background check, get fingerprinted, submit a retinal scan, and submit their personal information. Once everything is set up, they can be issued an identification card that they use to enter and leave the United States. This way, we can keep track of the comings and goings of immigrants. The information they submit will be given to our law enforcement databases, in case a crime is committed so they can be identified and deported. We will bill them a thousand dollars a year for this service; this fee will pay for border enforcement and expenses to run the program. The fee is inexpensive in comparison to the money some immigrants spend to have a mule bring them in our country.

We need to end chain migration, be stricter on asylum seekers, and end birthright citizenship. Like many government programs, Americans are getting taken advantage of and costing taxpayers billions. We need to change catch and release to catch and return immediately if immigrants do not enter legally.

Eliminate Federal Departments

I believe we need to move as much power back to the states as possible. Who is better to serve their citizens than the state government they live under? Institutions such as insurance, education, labor, EPA, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare would be better served at state level.

What works in California does not work in Mississippi, and we probably do not want it anyway. Fifty establishments working to solve problems within their state works more efficiently than one establishment.

I believe we need to decentralize the government and give more power to the states; ultimately, this shift in power will also help balance the budget.

College Loans

High schools and colleges should be advising our children to the degree that best suits the student. Most students are unsure of what they want to be and, because of lack of assistance, get degrees they never use. With research and advisement, we can guide students to the degree that best suits their strengths and goals.

We should also alter the cost of degrees to the value of the degree. If you are going to school to be a doctor or lawyer, we will be making an income that will allow you to pay back your loans. If you are getting a degree, such as interior design, that makes thirty thousand a year, how will you afford to pay back a hundred-thousand-dollar loan?

The degree should not cost more than the one-year average salary of the job you will get with the degree.

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