Border Invasion

I just got back from my first trip this year to the border. Last year I visited the border 4 times. I believe the only way to get a grasp on a situation is to actually study it.

It’s hard to blame the people that are coming since this administration has decided to fling our border wide open and not enforce our laws. I flew back from McAllen this week and sitting next to me was a man that works for an NGO. He only talked a little, but from what I gathered he was taking a group of Haitians to Indianapolis.

The plane I was on was half full of Illegal immigrants, all holding their yellow manila envelopes with their instructions. This is going on all day every day from airports and bus stations across the Rio Grande valley.

I have talked to CPB supervisors and the national guard who say the situation is horrible and untenable. They can’t test everyone and they don’t vaccinate them either. They just shove them all over the country (mostly red states) and then let them loose.

We are supposedly in a pandemic, yet letting Covid positive illegal immigrants cross is not a concern for this government. With the border wide open we are having a pandemic of drugs and human trafficking in America. As a Congressman, I would push to defund the government until this administration acted and did its duty. We have to have fighters in Congress who aren’t afraid to push back against these Socialist and RINO’s.


  1. Ken

    I’m looking for a congressional candidate to support. Who is Carl Boyington? Where does he live? What does he do for a living? Is he a politician? Does he have a family? Where did he go to school? Has he been arrested? Is he related to Pappy Boyington? NEED INFO.

  2. Carl Boyanton

    Hi Ken, you can read about me here. No, I’m not a politician. I live in Diamondhead but was raised in Picayune. I might be a distant relative of Pappy but he spells his name differently.


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