Democrat Insurrection

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Drain the Swamp, News | 1 comment

Now finally comes a part of the Durham report, with at least a little bit of insight into his investigation. The whole Russian collusion hoax was bought and paid for by Trump’s opposition “crooked Hillary”. You hear Democrats and Rino’s go on about January 6th as if it was an actual insurrection led by an unarmed guy in horns and a fur coat. As if there was any possibility that the group that stormed the capital was intending on taking over the government.

Now with the Durham report coming out, we see the real insurrection. The actual hacking of candidate Trump and then President Trump’s servers to push disinformation about his connection to Russia. Over two years of investigations pushing a lie and trying to oust a sitting president and divide the country. This has to be very concerning to everyone, to know that the DOJ, mainstream media, big tech, social media, and the corrupt Democrat party actually tried to do a real insurrection. And almost succeeded. With the leadership of “crazy Nancy Pelosi,” Congress impeached a sitting president twice with no evidence of a crime.

Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer to name a few, pushed this Russian collusion narrative and weakened America’s standing in the world over a lie. I would be willing to bet the Democrats knew this was a lie all along, including Obama.

When I get to Congress I will push for a full investigation on who knew what and when. We need to hold these career corrupt politicians accountable for their illegal actions. Our founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves knowing we have politicians that put power and money ahead of American citizens.

If there was ever a reason for term limits, these people have proved it. This is another one of the Trump lies that was proven to be true “again”. Trump’s record of truth has been spot on. Even with the mainstream media covering for the Democrat party, we are finally getting the evidence of their corruption. I guess the next thing we will find out will be President Trump was telling the truth about election fraud. He seems to be batting a thousand percent so far.

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  1. Karen Copeland

    Do you feel that there is anything about Donald Trump that would disqualify him as a candidate?


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