In an interview with Y’all Politics he said his primary goal would be to initiate term limits for elected officials. He follows the model of 12 years for both the U.S. House and Senate.

“I think we have such a divided house that if we had term limits we wouldn’t have ever even gotten to this point. We have career politicians that just want to show their power,” said Boyanton.

He believes that if the allowed term limits are equal for each side, there is a better chance of getting it passed among lawmakers. He went on to add that politics was never meant to be a career.

Boyanton provided the following statement as to why he is challenging Palazzo:

“The difference between me and the other candidates namely Palazzo is that I don’t want to make politics my career. There are a couple of other candidates getting in the race and as with Palazzo, they want to make politics a career.  I believe the way congress was formed was to go and serve then go home. I actually intend to push term limits, I think this is the only way to get Congress working again. With term limits, we wouldn’t be where we are now with the career politicians holding up Trump at every turn. Term limits work for the President and Governors so I think it will work the same with a do-nothing congress. 

“When trying to drain the swamp we in Mississippi can’t keep electing swamp creatures and sending them back. Palazzo is the poster boy for the establishment swamp. All it takes is to look at his FEC filings and you can see where he gets his marching orders from. DC PACs and lobbyists give him almost 75 percent of his donations. Another 15 percent comes from outside the state PACs and lobbyist and the smallest portion comes from individual Mississippi donations. Hardly a grassroots candidate.”

Boyanton criticized current Congressman Palazzo saying he was a ‘no show’ when it comes to advocating for Mississippians and plans to change that if elected. He added that he would be present for more than just ‘standing behind for photo opportunities.’


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