Education not indoctrination

The education system in America is in shambles. Our school systems are being led by a corrupt political arm of the Democrat party the “Department of Education” and the teachers union. While running for Congress this was one of the most important things I ran on: Education.

We need to shut down the Department of Education and send control back to the states. The government is doing a grave disservice to our children by pushing indoctrination over education. Our schools are teaching our kids to hate America. They are teaching our kids that Socialism is a viable alternative to Capitalism. Not explaining that the only successful system to bring hundreds of millions of people out of poverty has been the Capitalist system developed here in America. Not teaching the failures throughout time of Socialist countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia to name a few.

Of course, kids will love to hear about all the free stuff without being taught that nothing is truly free. They never teach that America is the great beacon on the hill that attracts people from all over the world to risk their lives to come here. We need to get back to educating our children to be the best educated in the world so they can compete in this world economy. We need to push a harder curriculum and not dumb down our kids just so everyone passes.

You learn more from your failures than you do your successes and that is why we need to teach our children how to succeed and not be afraid to try. Our teachers should be the highest paid in the world but only if they are successful in giving our kids a truly great education.

We need to look for alternatives to public schools. We should have the money our kids get for education to be able to follow them to the schools of their choice. This will open up competition between schools to attract students. Where the best schools will succeed and failing schools will have to get better or they will fail.

A voucher program that follows the student is best. This is not about a political statement this is all about our kids getting the best education in the world. We need to get back to putting our priorities on teaching math, science, civics, and history (all sides of history). We need to get rid of CRT and teaching kids to hate or judge each other by their race, gender, or social standing.

Let’s get back to teaching the love of one’s country and the history of the people that led us to become the greatest country in the world. One that other countries want to emulate because of what we stand for and how we believe in freedom for all. America has not always been perfect but we have always been able to work together to correct our imperfections and we always will. The Conservative Candidate Caucus PAC will be working to support and elect like-minded people to push back against CRT and push for a real education for our children. We appreciate any and all support we get. Together we can make a difference.


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