Education reform.

Who needs to be saved from the public schools? Not necessarily who you think. The title of this article may enrage you, and if so, it should. It enrages me too. I am here to speak out against the evils of all those “easy A’s” and “social promotion.” We have to push school vouchers so we can have schools compete for the student dollars. As long as the federal government runs public schools, we will not have the competition that is so necessary for improving student performance. The federal government should not be in charge of kids’ education; parents know better than anyone what’s best for their child! Competition breeds excellence and success, whether it’s in business or education.

We need to bring alternative education to schools. Bring back skills and technical vocations. Bring back the trades! We need to bring back shop class. Kids want to learn how to build things with their hands. They will be better off having learned a carpenter’s skill than knowing who won the most grammies by Adele.

Teaching kids basic knowledge is important, but it’s not enough anymore. Education needs to focus on kids’ strengths and weaknesses and devise programs best suited for the student. Make kids teach themselves how to find the answer, don’t spoon-feed them. Let students explore their curiosities!

I am tired of seeing students miss out on opportunities because they are not given a chance at success. I know what it’s like wasting away in school by being bored half the year because you are behind the rest of your peers. Not every class is for every student. We need to help each student succeed in what they excel in.

We need to push for a harder curriculum not easier. We need to push for competition in school and with schools for our education dollars. It’s time we put an end to “No Child Left Behind” and all of the other government bureaucracy that is standing in the way of our children’s future success.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


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