I would like to thank everyone that got out and voted for me for Congress. It was tough race and i guess it is hard to beat the establishment with great ideas and hard work against name recognition and a Trump endorsement. I really want to thank the great people i met and got to know while campaigning. The gulf coast business council, the Biloxi businessmens club, all the Republican womens clubs, the Republican clubs, crusaders for veterans, Casa, several other veterans organizations (which i will work to help still) and all the people i met on social media. I found out the humility in defeat but would do it again. I want to thank two other great candidates that i enjoyed campaigning against and with Samuel Hickman who will one day be a great politician and i would gladly support him as well as Robert Deming. These guys worked hard and covered all of the 4th district as i did. Our messages were a little different but still the same "change". We might of lost the battle but there is still a war to win. Mississippi is a great state and we deserve the best. Thank you and God Bless.    - Carl Boyanton


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