My stance on immigration is that we need to build a wall, but with entry ports. We need

labor, and immigrants provide labor. It’s not about cost because they make good money

in the United States and send it back home. We need labor that will do the jobs

Americans don’t or won’t do, such as pick fruits and vegetables. We can streamline the

process and keep record of every immigrant in the United States by using verification

processes like Clear and TSA Pre. Every immigrant must pass a background check, get

fingerprinted, submit a retinal scan, and submit their personal information. Once

everything is set up, they can be issued an identification card that they use to enter and

leave the United States. This way, we can keep track of the comings and goings of

immigrants. The information they submit will be given to our law enforcement databases,

in case a crime is committed so they can be identified and deported. We will bill them a

thousand dollars a year for this service; this fee will pay for border enforcement and

expenses to run the program. The fee is inexpensive in comparison to the money some

immigrants spend to have a mule bring them in our country. We need to end chain

migration, be stricter on asylum seekers, and end birthright citizenship. Like many

government programs, Americans are getting taken advantage of and costing taxpayers

billions. We need to change catch and release to catch and return immediately if

immigrants do not enter legally.

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