Mr Smith goes to Washington

I watched the movie last night “Mister Smith Goes to Washington”. It seems like nothing has changed. You have the career corrupt politicians being run by big state corporate and political leaders. They are the puppet masters and most of the politicians are in their pockets. They all do the bidding for the scraps they are given for supporting the projects that make their masters the most amount of money from our tax dollars. Pelosi, Bidens, Palazzo, and many other politicians are being bought and paid for. Insider trading, spending campaign money on themselves, and taking what they can while in office.

Just like in the movie the media is at the beck and call of the political machine. Printing lies and censoring information. Of course, they are also owned by the puppet masters. Just like in today’s world where our journalists won’t cover corrupt politicians. Afraid they might not curry favor with them when they are buying ads for their campaigns. It takes people like Jefferson Smith to battle the corruption in DC. It takes patriots and people that love the Constitution and believes in America to make changes.

We need an army of Jefferson Smiths to take back Congress and put America first. We need people who, like Smith and myself believe it’s an honor to go to Congress and serve the people of their district. They seem to forget that the government is by the people and for the people. Not the other way around. I think it’s funny how people laugh when I say I am against corrupt politicians. Like it’s the norm and there is nothing we can do about it. There is a solution, vote them out and vote for a strong fiscal conservative that isn’t afraid to fight. America is worth fighting for. #termlimits


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