Palazzo Corruption

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Drain the Swamp, News | 1 comment

One of the main reasons I am running for Congress is because of the inept leadership and outright corruption we have in the swamp. It has been almost a year since the ethics committee found 6-0 that Congressman Steven Palazzo committed campaign finance violations. The FBI investigated him and came to the same conclusion I did and you can read it in their 47-page report.

Congressman Palazzo who is a CPA, and has been a member of Congress going on 12 years used campaign money for personal use. As well as other violations. I do realize the wheels of justice move slowly but you would think after a year of having an FBI report that spells out every instance and Palazzo’s effort to cover them up we would have a finding already and some sort of punishment.

Of course, now that it is in front of the full committee I have no faith they will do anything, there is a good chance some on the committee are doing the same things. What is needed is a full-time independent board that looks at all politician’s filings and search out the misuse of funds. In-state and federal campaign ethics rules there is no bite. If you commit a violation the punishment is normally a slap on the wrist. We need to actually have teeth in these laws so we can deter politicians before they are corrupted. Why can’t we just have politicians that want to go to Congress and help the citizens that voted them in? It is “we the people” for a reason.

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  1. Donald

    Palazzo is just like all politicians they tell you what you want to hear. We get new people running for office in DC under the guise that every one in DC is corrupt and elect me and I will clean er up and when they get there the system sucks them in. We do need honest patriotic men in office but where do we find them. To quote a guy acting as his own council replied when the judge suggested he get himself a good lawyer. Your honor I have looked all over Ms. and Al. And I haven’t found one yet.


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