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Today in politics there is subtle corruption and there is blatant corruption. In both federal and state politics. I filed FEC violations against Steven Palazzo a couple of years ago. This was blatant corruption. Spending campaign money on personal expenses and then trying to cover it up by changing his financial disclosures with Congress to match his narrative is blatant. He knows what he did was wrong but like most corrupt politicians he tries to cover it up and keep going. Even though after the first investigation by the FBI the committee found 6-0 that he violated campaign finance laws he is still fighting against it. Now it is in front of the full committee. 20 Republicans and Democrats, of which I have my doubts they will find one of their own guilty of what some of them might be doing as well. It’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. If Congressman Palazzo would like to address this and confront the accusations I would love to debate him on the violations. I will pay for the TV time for Congressman Palazzo to face the citizens of Mississippi and prove the investigators and me wrong.

I have looked at other serving members and I see they also need more scrutiny. This isn’t a witch hunt just for Palazzo and it’s not just a Republican problem. There are lots of questionable uses by both parties involving their FEC filings. I checked out a Democrat Congressman and noticed in his filings an expense of $4000.00 for football tickets. Again I can’t see how this would be a proper use of his campaign funds because these seem to be a personal expense. I think we need more checks and balances on our politicians to make sure they are using their campaign money for their campaign. I don’t think being investigated by your peers in Congress is an efficient way to weed out corruption. There should be dedicated CPA firms that look at all FEC filings to make sure we don’t have corruption. Going to Congress should be an honor, not a career.

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  1. Ben

    Mr. Palazzo does the Texas two step, wiggle worm and flip-flop rather nicely.


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