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To take on a lighter note and not about politics. My wife rescued a year old puppy that had been dropped off at the Kayak launch in Diamondhead. The puppy had been living in the woods for several days before my wife Heidi found out. She spent several hours and a lot of cookies to coax her out of the woods and into her car.

She is a beautiful pit and what looks like a chocolate lab mix. Heidi took her to the vet to get her checked out. She was in bad shape and had no shots. The vet spayed her and gave her the shots she needed. Unfortunately, she also had heartworms. We had planned on fostering her until she was better than finding a home for her. Unfortunately, it takes several months of treatment to get rid of heartworms. After treatment and a few months with us, she became part of the family. She just turned 2 and is still full of energy and loves her mom.

I cannot believe people can just throw a life away. This puppy is such a gift and should have been treasured. Luckily we can afford another dog since we are empty nesters. Adding our new dog Ally to our other rescue animals was the right thing to do. She gets along with our other dog Gator that we rescued 7 years ago and our 20-pound black cat that we took in 6 years ago. I think the problem is unfortunately people love the cute puppy or kitten and do not realize like kids, they have to be taken care of daily for the rest of their lives. I hope everyone would take that into consideration before getting an animal.

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  1. Gloria Reimherr

    What a great heart warming testimony.

    You and Heidi both are terrific.

    I truly Pray that we can help you become our congressman…..I know we need just someone like you.

    God Bless you both.


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