Strength versus weakness

In this day and age just as in nature if you project weakness you will be eaten by a predator. President Biden is a master of projecting weakness. Indecisiveness and showing weakness in the world will make America prey to the likes of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

We have the strongest and greatest military in the world and Biden needs to embrace this. Zelenskyy is what a true leader looks like. He doesn’t cower to Russia he fights back. He doesn’t blame everyone else he asks for help. This administration has been a step behind Russia the whole time.

First with pushing sanctions after Russia invades instead of preemptive sanctions to dissuade Putin from invading. The Biden administration could have helped divert this war by beefing up the defenses before the invasion instead of after the start of the war. Biden and his puppet masters as is his history have been on the wrong end of every decision since he has been in politics.

What we need at this time is a strong leader that isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with dictators. Had we still had Trump in office you can bet this story would be much different. Trump didn’t telegraph his weaknesses where Biden starts out with the surrender flag. Weak leadership is what killed 13 brave patriots in Afghanistan and wounded hundreds more. Again this wouldn’t have been the case with Donald Trump still in office. Feckless and weak leadership is what we have right now.

We need to elect people like Zelenskyy who will fight for our country and for our freedoms. We are at war here in the US against political corruption, big tech, MSM, Democrat Socialist, and Rinos. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. We need to win Congress and unapologetically push the conservative agenda. There is a reason Nancy Pelosi is running again this year instead of retiring. She pushed the Republican-controlled Congress around when she was out of power as well as she did when she was the leader. We need new blood in Congress that won’t capitulate to Pelosi. Help me go there and fight for Mississippi and the United States. #Americafirst


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