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by | Jul 5, 2022 | Drain the Swamp | 2 comments

Here in Mississippi, we had a couple of primaries that were important to us. Both primaries were against incumbent Republicans and both went to runoffs. Both incumbents were well funded. Congressman Steven Palazzo spent $793,000 in his campaign against the challengers for his seat. He also got endorsements from the Swamp. Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan. It makes you wonder why these Congressmen came to support another Congressman who was under investigation by a Congressional committee. Is Steven Palazzo that successful of a Congressman that they just had to help him get re-elected even if he was guilty? Does the swamp just not like to have to train new members in the way corruption works in the good old boy union? The DC swamp getting involved in a primary in Mississippi and injecting their wish. Shouldn’t this be decided by the people of Mississippi without the outside DC swamp? Luckily in this race, there were 6 challengers that stepped up to fight against a career corrupt politician and were successful in supporting the runner-up Mike Ezell beat Palazzo. Head to head would have been a tough challenge for any of the candidates but as a unified group going against the incumbent one challenger prevailed and we retired our career corrupt Congressman Steven Palazzo.

Now in the 3rd district, it was a much different battle. The challenger actually beat the incumbent Michael Guest in the primary but didn’t get above the 50 percent. Unfortunately for him, he needed to achieve that goal because the swamp came out in spades for Guest. Congressman Trent Kelly put on a fundraiser in DC to support both Guest and Palazzo. Calling it a reception for the two “emergency” fundraisers. Is Guest really that great of a Congressman that he needs an emergency fundraiser put on by the swamp? Guest spent $493,000 and the Congressional Leadership Fund spent $450,000 in attack commercials to beat a struggling Cassidy campaign that only had $373,000 for the primary and the runoff of which Cassidy had to loan $284,000 of his own money to the campaign. Negative Attack commercials, radio ads, emails, and mail flyers to beat the challenger. Not a lot of ads highlighting guests’ accomplishments!

Again I ask is Guest that much of an integral part of the DC swamp that they will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep him? Then you take that the establishment Republican party here in Mississippi trying to persuade Democrats to vote in the Republican primary and then vote back Democrats in the general election is unconscionable. Now we have parties trying to pick the winners instead of the people. People always say that we have term limits its called voting. This shows you why we really need term limits. When ninety-six percent of incumbents win with swamp support, then there is no way voting them out will work as well as a term limit. “WE THE PEOPLE” means we need to take back control from the DC swamp.


  1. Ben & Angie Lamey

    We like !! Great write up and very Interesting. Also Trump endorsed Cassidy, but not Palazzo… a little more interesting! The acronym DC means “Don’t Care”
    God bless you, Mr Carl for all you do!

    • Carl Boyanton

      Thank you for your help in my campaign. We have to keep fighting to take back our government from the swamp. We need change not just re-electing the same type of people. We need fighters. God bless you Angie and Ben.


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