The death of Journalism

One of the great things Donald Trump did, besides exposing the swamp for what it is. He opened our eyes up to the fake news media. What happened to investigative journalism? Where are our Woodward and Bernsteins?

Journalism today is more about reporting their own opinions and not reporting true news stories. Two and a half years of fake news Russian collusion reporting and they learned nothing. Never did you get a news media investigative journalist to go and find the actual truth. The media covers up for the swamp and establishment politicians.

I can attest first hand that during the initial Palazzo investigation, I gave interviews to media outlets actually laying out the evidence against Palazzo. Each of these news media outlets was going to put it on their news as soon as possible. But instead, they held back the stories, most likely because of pressure from Palazzo or the establishment to suppress the story. I saw some of these outlets start getting political advertisements right after they killed the story. Journalism now is all about the money.

I was interviewed at my qualifying by a television station. In my interview, I challenged Congressman Steven Palazzo to a debate. I offered to pay for the TV time for the debate and he could bring his lawyer to help him clear up his campaign violations to the people of the 4th district. When the news aired the segment they conveniently edited out the debate challenge of my interview. Again wouldn’t it be in the interest of the news media to have a debate so everyone could have the truth?

What happened to the brash young Geraldo Rivera’s out there looking to find the truth at any cost? Today’s journalists are carbon copy clones graduating journalism schools with preconceived ideas on every subject and politically motivated not to report anything that goes against those preconceived ideas. The education system is teaching them that freedom of speech and of the press are now not as important and they should just go along with what brings in the most money. Just like in politics we need fighters in journalism as well. You actually have to work for the truth, you can’t just Google or go to social media they are just as corrupt.


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