The fight for Democracy

Today in Ukraine they battle for freedom and Democracy. At the same time, we are battling here in America for Democracy, against the Socialist Democrat Party.

The Democrats are trying their utmost best to destroy America from within. I see no other reason for their support of open borders, defunding police, inflationary spending, and making us dependent on others for our energy. All in the name of power and money. Same as in Ukraine, battling Russia is trying to destroy their Democracy. We both have a fight to the death to keep our countries free. In Ukraine, Russia wants its resources and of course their oil. Here in the US, the Democrats want to end our oil and let Russia be our supplier! This makes zero sense.

We produce oil 40 percent cleaner than the Russians and yet Democrats want us to buy our oil from them? How does this make the environment better? Here in America, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to see our border the same as he sees the Ukrainian border. There he wants to protect their borders and here he wants our borders open.

In Ukraine, he wants to arm the population to fight back against tyranny, and here he wants to ban weapons so we can’t fight back. Freedom isn’t free and we have to fight back with strong leadership. We need people that stand with the citizens and believe they are the power and not the government. We need to give more power back to states so we don’t have so much power centralized in DC. The way to preserve our union is to have the federal government do the job the constitution gave to them and nothing more. “We the People” means something and we have to preserve this power.


  1. Sabrina Price

    Do you believe the United States of America is a democracy or a democratic republic? You call us a democracy in your article. I’m concerned that you don’t know the difference?

    • Carl Boyanton

      America is a constitutional Republic. In a republic, the majority is protected by constitutional law.


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