The inept leadership of Joe Biden

Here we are facing down another threat. This time from Russia. These renegade nations like Russia and China smell blood in the water with the weak leadership we have in DC. First Obama and Biden gave Russia Crimea and did nothing, so now Putin believes he can do it again with our feckless leader Biden. Just like in Afghanistan, Biden telegraphs his moves in advance. Telling Putin a limited invasion would be okay and that we wouldn’t commit troops to Ukraine. Even if it’s true you don’t tell your enemy what you are going to do. If Donald Trump was still in office this wouldn’t even be on the table. Both Russia and China could have tried to invade but they knew better. Theodore Roosevelt was right “speak softly and carry a big stick”. Meaning you take a nicer approach even when everyone involved knows that you have a more forceful option at your disposal.

This administration has pushed our military to get vaccinated or be thrown out of the military. They are pushing to weaken our military by losing trained fighters instead of pushing equity and CRT training. Our advisories are training their armies to fight and our leaders are training our troops to be inclusive and sensitive to trans soldiers and use the right pronouns. We have the greatest military on earth and I hope it can survive another 3 years of Biden.
Let’s also not forget about 13 members of the military that lost their lives because of this lack of leadership. Even though his military advisors voiced their concerns on the ill-advised pull-out plans, Biden recklessly disregarded their advice and evacuated Bagram in the middle of the night. This will go down as one of the greatest military blunders in our history. Had he stuck with the Trump plan they would be alive today. Biden must have told Jimmy Carter to hold his beer when he got elected. Jimmy is no longer the worst president in history.


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