The purposeful destruction of America

I believe the Democrats are actually trying to destroy America. I think they want to burn it down and then rebuild it into the liberal socialist utopia they think we need. To start out with Biden has proposed a budget of 5.8 trillion dollars! This is more than 2 trillion dollars more than we bring in with tax revenues. That is like you making $400.00 a week and spending $600.00 a week. They are burdening our kids, the future of this nation with unsustainable debt.

The results of these policies we see in rampant inflation today. I know everyone likes free stuff and Democrats love to buy votes by giving away money. We are over 30 trillion in debt right now and under the Democrats, this will grow every year. I can’t give a free pass to the Republicans either. The last Republican-controlled Congress spent us into debt as well. At least Republicans talk about lowering our deficit, unfortunately, if we don’t start electing strong fiscal conservatives nothing will change.

The Biden administration has been trying to destroy our energy industry as well. Destroying high-paying energy jobs to achieve their green new deal. Of course, I remember when even Democrats thought AOC and her bunch were nuts when they proposed it. They want us to end our energy production here and buy our oil from people that hate us! How is this going to end well for the American people?

In the 90s we sent our jobs overseas in the name of helping to create democracies and here in the 2000’s we are sending our clean energy production overseas and buying dirty oil production in the name of the green new deal? This of course is a recipe for disaster.

This brings me to another crisis that the Biden administration caused on purpose and possibly the most damaging to our economy, environment, and resources. The flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border. I read a story that by the end of his administration we could have another 10 to 30 million illegals added to the 30 million illegal immigrants here now. We are the only country in the world that takes in mostly poor people from across the world. I don’t blame the immigrants for coming I blame Biden for attracting them with a promise of citizenship and welfare for life. The goal of the Democrats isn’t to help these people out, it is to create an underclass of poor voters hooked on our welfare system for life and voting Democrats.

The Democrats don’t live in the areas these illegals live. Rich elite Democrats live behind “walls”. If Biden thinks this is such a great thing then take his wall down around the White House. Even Pelosi puts walls around Congress to protect her sorry ass. Open borders have killed over 100,000 of our people with overdoses of fentanyl and drugs. Drugs and human trafficking are pouring across our border. This administration is actively helping enslave people here in the United States. Helping cartels and pimps prostitute young people and enslave others who will have to work for free to pay back the coyotes.

DEFUND THE POLICE, INFLATION, FAILED FOREIGN POLICY, CRT, BLM, ANTIFA, ENERGY, ELECTION FRAUD, OPEN BORDERS, HIGHER TAXES, HUNTER BIDEN, AND INDOCTRINATING OUR KIDS. These are just a few of the Biden administration’s failures. We need to elect people that aren’t afraid to fight this administration as well as career corrupt politicians.

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  1. Roy Tootle

    If I didn’t know better I would think you have been reading my post on social media. I support all the above a couple with some variations and many more. I am truly a believer of entering this country under the same requirement as the first settlers. The country thrived under those requirement but under the Democrats we have done nothing but sunk to levels less then when we started over two hundred years ago. I give my word I will support you as long as you keep your word and as long as you represent the majority of your voters and not make label yourself as my leader. All politicians are representatives not leaders.


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