Time to close the United Nations

The UN has become a joke. The head of the UN security council is the Russians? The Russians that invaded their neighbor and are at this moment destroying the country and committing genocide! Killing women and children to try to pressure Ukraine into surrendering its land.

Yes I know Ukraine isn’t the Democracy that they claim to be but that doesn’t excuse here in the 21st century another country trying to conquer them. Their internal politics should be settled by their people, not Russia. When the security council drafted a resolution that would have condemned Russia, as a member of the security council they just vetoed it.

The UN is just a big club that unfortunately our taxpayer dollars support to the tune of 11.6 billion dollars in 2020. What do we get for our money? A good portion of their members don’t even like us.

But with all the power and influence the UN has they can’t do anything about the Russian invasion, not even a note of condemnation. Yet they can at our expense investigate racism here in America! The Biden administration invited the UN to investigate racism in America! He wants members of the UN that come from countries that don’t allow women to drive, don’t allow women to go out without family men to escort them, don’t protect gay rights, still, have slavery and perpetuate many more atrocities as the norm in their countries to investigate the US?

The UN has no power to do anything constructive that can’t be done by charities and individuals. It is sad that we take direction at all from an organization that has more non-democratic members than there are Democratic members.

What exactly do dictators teach us? They teach us that total power corrupts and that we don’t need their philosophies to influence the power structure we already have. It’s bad enough that countries like China are buying up our politicians, educators, and corporations, the last thing we need is to emulate them.

We need an America first policy here and the UN is not a part of that. I suggest we quit the UN and have them move it to another country and for the US to quit financing their work. As a Congressman, I will definitely push for us to withdraw our membership and end our financial support. We need strong leaders that aren’t afraid to take on tough subjects. #makecongressgreatagain

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  1. Absolutely crazy because wisdom occurs with aging.

    Number one.
    Absolutely one of the departments that needs to be eliminated is the department of education which is a federal bureaucracy.
    I remember clearly when Chris Wallace who is a flaming liberal states that the department of education is not a large part of the budget off our government.
    It only showed his ignorance as the real cost is the cost of States that take money from the department of education has to do tons of paperwork and they have to implement ridiculous plans and basically at most they only pay about 8% of the states budget of education and it is mainly far special education and food programs
    And somehow they assume a right Control the education curriculum such as core Curriculum which basically camps to determine the things that are taught in our schools
    There are a few smart states that did not accept any of their money therefore they are basically free to determine your own Courses and so on.
    In my opinion just 8% of the state education budget is certainly not worth Federal bureaucratic overreach
    I think it was Jimmy Carter who created the department of education and it absolutely needs to be eliminated.
    How much department of education pay to build our schools
    I would think zero
    The money to pay teachers as well as do you physically building of schools comes from the property taxes that is what Builds our schools
    The state pays their salary off our teachers not the federal government
    So it would be extremely important to get rid of this useless department

    As far as abortion as a Christian and a physician I am totally against abortion One of the possible exceptions for doing an abortion is a tubal pregnancy which cannot go to term without rupturing and causing death of baby and mother
    In a humanistic way it is not easy to explain why a rape which is a felony why the female should have to gi through the pregnancy however as a Christian I believe that should be left up to God. And as you said there are a lot of different ways to prevent pregnancy however I would not really support the day after pill or progestin only contraception and iud ‘ I only make it a hostile environment for the fertilized ovum to be implanted which is really an abortion but not every act of intercourse ends up in a pregnancy the last two weeks of this cycle is when the fertilize ovum actually can implant
    The oral contraceptive that have both estrogen and progesterone actually prevent the ovum from developing and becoming fertilized
    And as a parent I would rather my daughter that becomes at that age where they can become pregnant I would encourage oral contraception or a method of implant that would we have both estrogen and progesterone to prevent the ovum from becoming fertilized
    Of course I would have an extremely adult conversation with them explaining that I am in no way trying to encourage any sex except when married.
    But the oral contraceptive can also control their cycles and make cycled. Yes painful and I also the menstrual period would be lighter and less likely to cause an anemia
    Of course they do not prevent STDs
    And Some girls/females Have a contraindication to oral contraceptives as it could increase their risk for having blood clots That could potentially cause a pulmonary embolism and death however these are usually genetic abnormalities that can actually be tested for With a blood profile that I looked for abnormalities like in protein sea and protein S and others
    Searches factor five Leiden abnormality
    And I suppose this could be a sex Education however I am not at all confident about what they would be taught in school and parents could take on this part and we certainly have excellent educational videos that could be viewed by child and parents that would do much better than any teacher

    As it concerns Medicare and Medicaid
    Medicaid is actually a socialized program but Medicare and Social Security are funded from employees and employer to pay into the system which I really like because at least it will be something when people think I’m 65 years old or are if unfortunately they get disabled from severe accident and things like that and which they can collect Social Security but overall to me it is certainly not A bad system because people are very poor at saving during their working history and end up with nothing if it weren’t for Social Security and Medicare so essentially Social Security and Medicare is not a socialist system but a true retirement system. Edible only to them that pay into the system.
    When it first started there was not so many on the system so it accumulated a lot of money and supposed to be putting a lock box so to speak but what is take a nap by government and filled with IOUs and now they are unable to pay the $3 trillion or so there is Owed us it would be good to pass a law that the federal government cannot take any of this fund for Government spending of course the idea if they would pay it back but look how that has worked out
    And the system is founded from employed people who are paying into the system therefore when unemployment is less. Paid into the system under these conditions plus now we are dealing with more retirees and our life longevity is increased so they using the system longer but That is the way it is however most people cannot live very well on Social Security alone. And the cost of healthcare has significantly increase because of the absolute excellent new technology that cost us more
    And certain physicians practice more high risk medicine Like obstetricians, neurosurgeons, surgeons, anesthesiologist and so on just the cost of their malpractice is astronomical. But at least Mississippi Made malpractice insurance cheaper by controlling frivolous lawsuits in fact one of the greatest cost off insurance is also is ambulance chasing lawyers. There needs to be some reasonable cap on this is that certainly drives up the cost of insurance we all see the Morris Bart commercial said I got my 200,000 well it does increase the price of insurance
    Even health insurance and health costs could be decreased tremendously by using private facilities such as radiology or instance the reimbursement cost to them is tremendously less than it is having it done at the hospital of course I do realize that hospitals have high overhead cost
    But just one example an MRI done at a private facility It’s paid a much less cost than the hospitals. And they can do anything for me MRIs PET scan procedures x-rays and so on and just think about the trillions of dollars that would be saved by doing outpatient procedures at these facilities which are quality facilities and even laboratory work can be done it lab facilities like LabCorp and quest where the reimbursement cost for the lab work is tremendously less than the hospital and we even have private surgery facilities that also are reimbursed less so just think about how the trillions and trillions of dollars that would be saved just by doing this you’re right that’s where I send a lot of my patients Plus these facilities help make it affordable to those without insurance
    I suppose a hospital lobby Is very strong.
    And of course Mississippi is a state which does not force Force anyone to join a union
    And unions can be very unreasonable and their demands. There needs to be more and better cooperation between labor and companies/management that works out for both we do not live in the same world that we Once did and which employees had to work under dangerous conditions
    What is the biggest problems we have now is that no one understands the history of our country they do not understand the declaration of independence they do not understand all the lives that were sacrificed for this country they do not understand our Constitution and that ignorance really hurts people because they have basic lack of understanding of their right we the people are the one who paid the taxes we are the masters and our elected officials and bureaucrats are the public servants not the masters
    These programs should absolutely be taught in schools but there are excellent videos on YouTube that great job at teaching civics, declaration of independence, constitution and everyone in this country should be listening to these over and over again so that we cannot be taken advantage of.
    And we keep calling this country a democracy but it is a republic a nation of laws.
    In our system with capitalism versus Socialism creates incentives and our corporations and our banks and those systems are extremely important because they help capitalize people for their ingenuity and inventions that have served this country greatly
    Socialism has never worked it never increases True in incentives
    And our freedoms are the only way we know how to live and I honestly believe that no one can suppress the American spirit and I also believe that our declaration of independence and constitution were clearly secondary to tyranny from Britain especially Religious tyranny. I truly believe that our so-called founding fathers were guided by our Lord and Savior and how can anyone even look at and read our Constitution without seeing this in our constitution like the 10 Commandments and as a Christian God never rewards societies who Turns away from him. We have to get back to our Christian principles and even if we did not believe in God living by the 10 Commandments 10 Commandments certainly make this a better world
    When we disrespect life I support abortion over everything else and when will we reach the point where we feel that at a certain age people should be euthanized because they are no longer a value to society which is Absolutely crazy because wisdom occurs with aging.


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