Time to close the United Nations

The UN has become a joke. The head of the UN security council is the Russians? The Russians that invaded their neighbor and are at this moment destroying the country and committing genocide! Killing women and children to try to pressure Ukraine into surrendering its land.

Yes I know Ukraine isn’t the Democracy that they claim to be but that doesn’t excuse here in the 21st century another country trying to conquer them. Their internal politics should be settled by their people, not Russia. When the security council drafted a resolution that would have condemned Russia, as a member of the security council they just vetoed it.

The UN is just a big club that unfortunately our taxpayer dollars support to the tune of 11.6 billion dollars in 2020. What do we get for our money? A good portion of their members don’t even like us.

But with all the power and influence the UN has they can’t do anything about the Russian invasion, not even a note of condemnation. Yet they can at our expense investigate racism here in America! The Biden administration invited the UN to investigate racism in America! He wants members of the UN that come from countries that don’t allow women to drive, don’t allow women to go out without family men to escort them, don’t protect gay rights, still, have slavery and perpetuate many more atrocities as the norm in their countries to investigate the US?

The UN has no power to do anything constructive that can’t be done by charities and individuals. It is sad that we take direction at all from an organization that has more non-democratic members than there are Democratic members.

What exactly do dictators teach us? They teach us that total power corrupts and that we don’t need their philosophies to influence the power structure we already have. It’s bad enough that countries like China are buying up our politicians, educators, and corporations, the last thing we need is to emulate them.

We need an America first policy here and the UN is not a part of that. I suggest we quit the UN and have them move it to another country and for the US to quit financing their work. As a Congressman, I will definitely push for us to withdraw our membership and end our financial support. We need strong leaders that aren’t afraid to take on tough subjects. #makecongressgreatagain


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