Transitory inflation???

Of course, now this administration has backtracked, saying inflation isn’t transitory. They still do nothing to solve the problem they only add to it. In my industry (produce) as probably with most, the root of the cause is our ridiculous energy policy. We left the “all of the above” strategy, which was working and lowering our fuel prices. Now we are doing the green new deal energy plan. Instead of using our own gas and oil, this administration is asking our enemies and people that don’t like us to produce more to lower our energy costs. How does this make sense? Transfer our wealth to other countries that produce dirty oil compared to our cleaner oil production! How does this help the climate? It doesn’t, it helps someone else’s pocketbook.

The cost of all production and delivery goes up when our gas prices are high. If you look at costs just in the produce industry. Freight costs have doubled to deliver produce from growing regions to markets across the country. The prices to grow and pack crops have gone up since everything is run by gas, diesel, and electricity. This green energy plan will be in place for the next 3 years and I predict this will only get worse. Once we hit the summer driving season, gas prices will of course go up and so will inflation. This is a tax on all Americans and especially hard on the lower-income Americans. The rich and elite don’t feel the pain at the pump. Two dollars or ten dollars doesn’t matter to these green elitists. These gas price jumps will be with us and keep inflation high for the near future and beyond. America needs to get back to the “all the above energy” policy and bring this huge tax burden on Americans down. This is going to be a fight for our future and we need strong common sense people in the office to fight back. This is a fight I am not afraid to take on. Please support my campaign and let’s make “America First” again.


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