Vaccine Mandates

I attended the Ingalls Vaccine mandate protest. It’s great to see the support they got from people other than Ingalls employees as well as the Ingalls employees, that showed up en masse. I was there not politic but to support their cause personally. The federal government is trying its hardest to divide America. Whether it’s race or vaccine status. We as Americans have to confront the disaster this Biden administration has become. Open borders, inflation, division, energy, and the deaths of 13 servicemen and women to name a few. I would never tell anyone to get the vaccine or not to. This is all about choice. Covid has been taken over by politicians and they only listen to the people that agree with them. We need to support the protest against our right to choose. Ingalls employees like tens of thousands across the country need people to get involved and take a stand. I stand with Ingalls employees.


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