Voting Laws

The Democrats are trying to push an agenda to federalize our elections. Why? So they can remain in power forever. This would be the biggest change in our voting laws in our history. Not for the good of the country but for the good of Democrats.

We are supposed to have checks and balances in our government for the good of America. When one party controls all 3 branches it is incumbent on the controlling party to push for changes they support. Trying to control our elections is not what our founders envisioned. When they pass laws whose only use is to keep them in power then that is an abuse of their power.

Under the Republican control of all three branches, some wanted to eliminate the filibuster, but the majority was against it. Realizing times like these when they are out of power that it can be used against them. The scorched earth policy of the progressive Democrats is gambling on the fact that they may never be out of power again if this is passed. This country was founded on principles of fairness, unity, and cooperation. What Democrats are pushing is division and total power for one party. We have to fight back before it is too late.

Photo by Aaron Kittredge from Pexels


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