Drill baby Drill

Funny how everyone in the world knows what will cure our inflation and hurt our enemies the most. Drill our own oil!! Energy is skyrocketing and all because of the guy in the White House who is beholden to the left-wing environmentalist.

The US could cut all our emissions and we wouldn’t have an effect on climate change or as it was called before “global warming”. The United States has one of the most regulated oil industries in the world. Here in the US, we can produce oil and natural gas cleaner than in other countries. Such as Russia, that data suggests an oil spill is happening somewhere in Russia almost every half hour. By comparison, the US recorded 137 spills in 2018. In Canada, where climate conditions at oil wells are similar to those in Russia, only 60 events with oil releases were documented in 2019. In comparison, that means Russia has 17,520 leaks a year compared to 137 leaks here in the United States.

When we have a leak the environmentalist has a cow and wants to close pipelines and quit producing oil. Evidently, they don’t care about the pollution coming from other countries we buy our oil from. From the Middle East, it isn’t much better. Their main problem with the dependence on oil and gas as a primary source of energy lies in the huge pollution caused by the industry. For example, oil enterprises and petroleum companies currently release about 2000 tons of chemicals in the atmosphere and discharge about 70 million tons of polluted wastewater to the sea per annum. This amount of continuous pollution, which is a result of normal activities, not accidents, forms the second major threat to the entire ecosystem and humankind’s life.

Yet the Biden administration wants them to pump more oil! And now this administration wants to buy oil from Venezuela? Broke and subject to international sanctions, President Nicolas Maduro’s government is squeezing what it can from Venezuela’s collapsing oil industry, unleashing an environmental disaster in one of Earth’s most ecologically diverse nations. As the country’s vast resources become a toxic burden, Venezuela offers a bleak vision of the end of oil in a founding OPEC member. This is why we have to drill baby drills in the United States.

We control not only our destiny but the world. We here in the United States will of course come up with the best renewable energy source but it takes a little time. We have to come up with an alternative before all these other countries destroy the Earth. Good old American ingenuity will be the solution.


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